Why use a registered tax agent?

Getting the best tax advice for you and your business is paramount.  Registered Tax Agents are highly qualified and regulated by the Tax Practitioners Board.  Tax Agents are required to have experience and are issued with a license to practice.  An Agent must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and operate by a strict Code of Conduct

Can you help me to understand BAS, GST and FBT?

At SBA, we can provide a full range of services to assist your business.  BAS, GST and FBT are all part of our business offering and we can assist with one or all of the company’s tax requirements

What is the SBA Service Advantage?

Our website will give you a more thorough understanding of the SBA Service Advantage but put simply; more frequent contact, full transparency of fees & knowledgeable and experienced output.  The SBA service advantage eliminates uncertainty, adds back the value and provides opportunities to deliver new levels of service. A client can expand and prosper or consolidate and prepare ahead for change. More than this, a client can reduce costs, improve efficiencies and gain invaluable advice and support from a trusted advisor.

How long has SBA been in business?

SBA commenced servicing the SME market in 1997.  The business has always been based in North Sydney, NSW

My business is not based in Sydney. Do you service other states?

Yes, SBA services clients as far are Queensland and Western Australia.  SBA also services some International clients and also clients that are transitioning from overseas

Is my business too small to be an SBA client?

At SBA, no client is too small.  This may sound cliché but with clients ranging from new-start businesses to clients with a turnover in excess of $50M, our range is very broad.  We appreciate that smaller clients may need more assistance, so we provide this with a hands-on approach at the same time being conscious of costs.  That’s why SBA offers a one-hour free consultation to all new clients.  They can explore the opportunities available through SBA from Taxation to Finance and even Government Grants

I need to set up a company or trust. Can you help me?

Understanding which structure is the most suitable one is key.  We invite you for a one-hour free consultation to discuss your requirements

I need a business plan – can you help me?

Yes we can and how about we apply for a Government Grant for you at the same time?  We can do this all in the comfort of the SBA office at North Sydney

Your website mentions Government Grants. Are they difficult to obtain?

If you don’t receive the correct advice and structure the application accordingly, there could be delays in applying for and receiving a Government Grant.  At SBA, we can provide the necessary application information, structure the application for you and manage the process through to completion.  Normally, it takes no more than a day of your time.  SBA can assist with R&D Tax Incentive Scheme, Export Marketing and Development Grants and New Business Grants

If I want to change my Accountant and use SBA, is the process difficult?

SBA will manage the process for you.  Normally it takes no more than a letter from your existing Accountant and an exchange of communication.  At SBA, we make the process as seamless as possible

How much do your services costs?

There are a range of services offered by SBA but as we mentioned earlier, we are completely transparent and more than happy to discuss costs before any service is provided.  We also offer a 20% saving on any existing accountancy or taxation fee you are currently paying*

SBA also offers finance and other services. Can I or my company use them?

At SBA, we try to assist our clients as much as possible.  Our service offering extends from just accounting and taxation, and includes support for financial services, insurance, wealth management, migration and private equity opportunities.  Our finance platform includes 35 Lenders and 17 external service partners; all working together to assist each and every SBA client

I’ve heard that Debtor Finance is difficult to obtain and finance of last resort. Is this true?

An SBA Director has extensive knowledge in this particular area of Asset-Based Lending.  There still remains uncertainty with this type of product but once understood, many business owners have seen the advantages of using Debtor Finance and the benefits that this form of funding can provide to a business.  It is most certainly not the finance of last resort; in fact quite the opposite!  If you want to know more, please contact SBA today and we will assist you to understand every aspect so that you can make a balanced and informed decision

Can you help my business with Payroll Services?

A number of existing clients use SBA to assist with Payroll Services.  Additionally, SBA has assisted clients to understand and manage the recent changes to how superannuation contributions are paid on behalf of employees.  At SBA, we are more than happy to assist in any way we can – it’s all part of the SBA Service Advantage

*New clients only and does not apply to a basic tax return for individuals

Don't take our word for it

What Our Clients Say About Us

Lee was quick to act and was very professional when negotiating the Debtor Finance Facility for my business. The facility provided immediate working capital and will continue to help the business going forward - Thank you!

Elisabeth Huckerby
Elisabeth HuckerbyDirector ofRecruitment Co, Sydney

SBA has been working with Mr. Switch since 2009 and has demonstrated that when it comes to Payroll, Taxation and Accounting, the SBA Team is the ‘go-to’ team. SBA provides vital support to Mr. Switch, especially with Payroll Services. And, as the business expands inter-state, we will continue to use SBA for all our business planning, accounting and taxation requirements. Recently Lee assisted the Company to secure new finance facilities; saving the company and the Directors a considerable amount of interest per year. We are delighted with the service from SBA.

Anthony Bedrosian
Anthony BedrosianMr. Switchwww.mrswitch.com.au

Sam has been assisting me and my company since it began; his advice and guidance has been invaluable. To any SME, having the security of advice and onhand assistance is vital. Without SBA, I would not have been able to achieve all that I have in such a relatively short space of time. I am extremely grateful for the team at SBA. On a personal note, Sam has been kind and generous with his time and provided invaluable guidance and advice to help me over the last 5 years.

Lisa Kennedy
Lisa KennedyLike IT Recruitmentwww.likeit.com.au

I’ve known Sam for 14 years and cannot think of anyone else I would trust to assist me and the Accounting and Taxation requirements for the company. Sam and his team have always been professional. They are flexible and helpful with all aspects of my business and recently, have been able to secure funding via Government Grant assistance whilst making the entire process ‘pain-free’. If anyone is thinking of changing their Accountants or Tax Agent, and want the benefit of a range of additional services, use SBA – as simple as that!

Brian Carpenter
Brian CarpenterHelconwww.helcon.com.au

My experience with SBA has been exceptional – I'm always left impressed after each interaction with the SBA team – regardless of who you speak to, everyone goes above and beyond to ensure your queries are addressed. I have found the team at SBA to not only be professional and knowledgeable, but also extremely helpful, friendly and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any other business or friend in need of a real accounting & business consulting partner.

Fatima Said
Fatima SaidE-Wavewww.madebyewave.com

I consider the team at SBA as much friends as well as professional advisors. They have helped me and my business in so many ways; I doubt any other provider could have assisted like SBA did. After going through all my financial records, they discovered errors which resulted in a saving of several thousand dollars. Very, very grateful.

Lena Archdjian
Lena ArchdjianSydneywide Commercial Cleaningwww.sydneywideclean.com.au

SBA has been a great help to my wife and I and to the entire Ozlocks operation. The business has grown from strength to strength with constant accounting and taxation assistance from SBA. We are very happy with the SBA service advantage; fast, reliable and effective.

Ohanes (John) Ohanessian
Ohanes (John) OhanessianOz Lockswww.ozlocks.com.au

SBA is a comprehensive and proactive financial advisor, always working to better my position with the right advise and their prompt attention. I would always recommend SBA to my colleagues and business associates. Finally I find that all the team members at SBA are extremely helpful and friendly.

Mark Mina
Mark MinaSenses Directwww.sensesdirect.com.au

I approached SBA as a recommendation from another business owner. SBA has been my Accountant and Tax advisor now for 10 years. The SBA team is consistently professional and dynamic and provides all the assistance that I need on a day-to-day basis, to run a large retail operation. SBA has been supportive to my team and has helped me position the business that now incorporates four stores across two-states; Digidirect has a long-term expansion plan and is confident that this can be achieved with the support and assistance of SBA. In particular, Sam’s knowledge regarding taxation and accounting is a ‘must-have’ for any business owner; especially when considering expansion and growth. Lee has also been instrumental in securing finance facilities and providing ongoing business strategy and support.

Shant Kradjian
Shant KradjianDigidirectwww.digidirect.com.au
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and receive a 20% SAVING on any current accountancy and taxation fees.